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The photographer Ephlin Cheng from Tainan, Taiwan which is behind the pseudonym 3cmhas a special fondness for unusual, sometimes absurd and surreal photographs. Most staged so beautifully ornate, held aesthetically simple, performed with perfect precision and a subtle degree of permissive naturalness. And all this without a very contrived and manipulated impression to awaken  


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"Kurt finds Blaine at the loft and asks what was up in combat class, and we begin what is apparently going to be a weekly Very Important Conversation. It kind of reminds me of the end of every episode of Full House where the music would start and we would learn the week’s lesson. Don’t get me wrong, I love these scenes between Kurt and Blaine both because Darren Criss and Chris Colfer act the hell out of them and because it’s nice to see them actually talk through problems rather than be relegated to background looks and hastily solved conflicts, but I worry that with them inarguably becoming the main couple of the show, all the writers will do is throw a Conflict of the Week at them for the rest of the series. Because all Glee knows how to do is unite, break up, and reunite couples. Can’t we also have a scene of them just being happy? Once in a while?"

- LeakyNews “Glee 5.16 Recap” (X)

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